Eal Money Games India

Eal Money Games India – As the second most populous country in the world, India has a young and rapidly growing population. It is a great opportunity to use a sports pool. According to Statista data, in 2020, India’s mobile gaming revenue reached $2.4 billion.

But for Chinese game developers, due to the instability of bilateral relations and the frequent presence of “black swans”, the Indian market is not considered a high-end market.

Eal Money Games India

Eal Money Games India

However, there is one type of game that is doing well in the Indian market, and even the pandemic has not affected its growth. At the same time, it attracted many Chinese game developers to join the game. This is a real money game.

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According to the “Public Gambling Act”, gambling is prohibited in most states in India, but if a game is considered a game of skill that relies on skill rather than luck, it may be exempted from the prohibition of gambling, such as Fantasy. The game is a Rummy game.

Although the rules of the game are still controversial, Internet giants with a good sense of smell have already started to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tencent, in 2018, was the lead developer of India’s popular gaming platform Dream11. At the same time, Alibaba’s Yabo Technology also launched Paytm First Game, an online gaming platform, which is in partnership with India’s largest mobile payment service Paytm. The platform also includes various real money games including fantasy games, rummy, and other professional poker games.

This article will focus on Real Money Poker Games, based on mobile ad data monitored by App Growing Global, and analyze the performance of the game in the Indian market in terms of TV buys.

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The game of Rummy has a long history in India and became a popular form of entertainment before mobile phones.

Because the players have to be very careful to use the changing methods of the game, Rummy is classified as a professional game, which means that in India, users can legally play Rummy games, and the developers do not have need to apply for a license to release Rummy games.

The popularity of the game of Rummy in India can also be seen through the marketing materials. Some videos show people’s love for the game of Rummy. Between work and life, they pick up their phones to play Rummy.

Eal Money Games India

Since real money can be made legally in Rummy, Rummy game advertising tools often shamelessly display all kinds of money-related things, such as gold coins, diamonds, and growing accounts. quickly, which always show that users can “make big money” through the game.

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Some Rummy games will add sports events to the game, general game advertising, showing topics such as “friends”, “online chat”, and “multiplayer competition” to get more groups of users.

Although it cannot be presented directly as a real money game because it is not a game of skill, the vague sense of control made the creators still make money and get more through methods such as currency exchange.

The youth of Patti have a large number of groups of players who have Rummy, and it also shows the same strategy of the Rummy game in terms of advertising and promotion.

By posting withdrawals, it is easy to tell users that the game can make money. Under the sluggish nature of the Indian economy due to the epidemic, it directly and rudely meets the needs of users and awakens the desires of users quickly.

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The TVC in the form of an interview shows that the players of Teen Patti are spread in all walks of life, among them there are many high-profile people with successful careers that improve the confidence of the players .

The landing page of a mobile game ad is usually a detailed page in the app store, which directs users to download the game. But through App Growing Global, we can see that some real money advertising games in India use different CTA.

Because Android devices account for more than 95% of the Indian mobile market, conversion rates are generally not high, and software copyright laws apply to real-money games, the -Indian publishers often don’t rely on Google Play as much as other game publishers do. . other areas.

Eal Money Games India

On the App Growing Global advertising website, you can find that some real money advertising games do not direct users to the app store, but to other websites. Among these pages, one part is a game that can be run directly on the site, and the other part is an official website for sales or marketing H5.

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On these landing pages, users can either fill in phone numbers to receive a message with a download link or download the APK file directly from the site to install the game, and with so avoid Google Play.

There are other ads that take advantage of Indian social media to drive traffic to the Facebook homepage, then direct users to download and sign up through social media content and make full use of social media of the user to promote the game.

In India there are 10 major species and several smaller species. The language is very difficult. There are 29 languages ​​spoken by more than a million people. Therefore, in addition to the official languages ​​of Hindi and English, this writing language should be changed in time according to the user’s preferences, and regional translation should be done.

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Games That Pay Real Money In India

Although the main drama is different, the images of Rummy and Teen Patti are very similar. All of them have great popularity. Some games will have two or more types of card games at the same time, covering many keywords to reach more users.

In terms of games, many games choose to follow traditional games, without changing much in the classic game, and at the same time use non-central games such as make rooms, big chest, turntable lottery, and point. rankings to enrich users and improve retention and LTV.

The above content is “Unexpected Facts About Indian Real Money Poker Games from a Media Buying Perspective.

Eal Money Games India

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The online gaming industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries. According to the report of Sequoia and BCG (Boston Consulting Group), this industry will triple in the next few years. It saw a growth of about 40% in 2019-2020, more than OTT, TV, and social media.

With smartphones and various data packages available at low prices, as well as mobile-first experiences, online gaming is now available to the masses. The Indian gaming market is currently generating approx. The $1.5B revenue is expected to triple by 2025 to approx. $5 billion.

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Another report puts India at over 373 million gamers (the second largest gaming market in the world), with over 91% of gamers in the region playing on mobile. Interestingly, about 50% of Genz players participate in RMG (real money games). India’s real money (RMG) technology market is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2023.

Casual games and hyper-casual games are some of the best preserved. What are the online money games in India?

Various online cash games in India offer players a chance to win real money prizes. Players can choose to play for free or for real money, depending on their preferences.

Eal Money Games India


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