Google Pay Cricket Game

Google Pay Cricket Game – Google Pay has recently added a cricket game called Tez Shots. Tez Shots is a cricket game where you can earn up to RS 3300 by playing cricket. Amazingly, you can earn up to 3300 if you play cricket. So, let’s understand what it is and how to earn money with the help of simple tricks.

Google Pay Tez Shots is a cricket game developed by Google Pay with the latest. The game runs from June 5th to June 30th. Keeping the World Cup fever alive, Google Pay has launched a cricket game called Tez Shots.

Google Pay Cricket Game

Google Pay Cricket Game

As we know, Google Pay has always released some offers that allow the user to earn extra money, such as Send Money (scratch ticket), Refer To Win 51 and more. Because with this game users can win as much as 3300.

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So without further ado, let’s get to the game how to play and win prizes. What do you listen to when you play?

Step 1: First you need to download Google Pay & Earn Rs 51 and if you have already downloaded then just start.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the app and you will see Tez Shotstap at the top.

Step 3: Now you can see your Google Pay account with your maximum number, all India status and number. You have to click on the Play Now button to start the game and you can earn up to Rs.3300.

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Step 4: After that, you enter the game. Just get as many items as you can to get rewards. Total amount is 3000 runs to get reward up to Rs.3300.

The total score is the total number of runs scored in each match. You can play many games.

I will share with you how to score more runs in one game. In other words, compared to the normal nature of the game, the chance of getting out is very low. Keep hitting the bat symbol or anywhere else on the screen to get more runs.

Google Pay Cricket Game

When the user’s account reaches a milestone set by Google Pay Tez Shots, they will receive a collector’s card.

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Example: Let’s say your total score reaches 100. When you leave the game, you’ll find that you’ve won a scrap card.

After receiving your Google Pay Tez Shots card, you need to mention the transaction on the collector card to receive your payment. It looks like you’ll need to do a mobile top-up to get rewards for your discount card.

Hello friends, I’m back with the Google Pay On-Air offer. Google Pay Tez App is a money transfer app developed by Google through Bhim UPI. Users can easily transfer their money without paying any extra fees. Also, you will get Rs.51 directly in your bank account when you sign up for Google Pay Tez app. Get credit cards for bill payments, recharges, money transfers and more.

Google Pay On Air is now offering discounted tickets of Rs 10-1000 if you see any Google Pay ad on TV or YouTube and get verified payments. You can get 2 scratch tickets during the giveaway. Offer valid in all states. So follow the steps below to get this offer from Google Pay

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Google Pay Tez Shots: Play & Win Guaranteed Prizes Upto 1 Lakh + Rs.650 Free Shopping By Peter England-

1. If you are a new user and not registered for Google Pay, then download Google Pay Tez app from here.

2. First open Google Pay app and under Business & Bills section you will find Tez Shots. If you don’t find it there, go to New Payment and search for Tez Shots

Google Pay Cricket Game

3. Now you select Tez Shots and then you have to play cricket game and get points to win prizes

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4. Play the game and hit the ball to score. You can unlock different rewards when you earn points

5. Get 300 points to win Rs 650 Peter England Voucher Code. You can win different prizes if you reach the number shown in the picture

7. You will get 1 free ticket for each milestone. Earn over Rs 1000 points and win lottery tickets up to Rs 1000 with guaranteed reward of Rs 100 from Google Pay on eligible payments on or before October 1: (Min Rs 100)

On the 7th of October. Maximum 3 lottery tickets can be obtained in Min. Rs.100

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8. Earn 1500 points and get a certified debit card worth Rs.20.

Work min. 100 Rs. work to open the card. Only bill payments, top-ups, and payments made to online or offline merchants using Google Pay are eligible for this offer. As long as the offer lasts, you will get only 1 fixed credit card

3. Then enter your Google Pay coupon code: MX****** (Replace 6 digits of ******) and enter your details.

Google Pay Cricket Game

8. So use your phone numbers and get credit as above and prepare your account. When Peter England Site is confirmed I will inform you on our Telegram channel and free Rs.500/625.

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3. Then copy the code and select Redeem Now. Enter your code and details on the next page

4. After redeeming the code, you will receive an email. Now visit the Peter England website and register using the same number you entered in the redemption process

5. Afer singup Log out and log in again. Fixed points can take 1-2 hours to be credited

5. Now, select a product (only valid for non-discounted products) and add it to your cart, then select Loyalty Points and enter your earned amount.

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6. Then you will get an OTP on your mobile number, enter the OTP and place the order

2. Go to the Google Pay offer section where you will find an offer for bank transfer and you will get up to Rs.701.

3. Make a bank transfer on Google Pay for at least Rs.98 and get a debit card up to Rs.701.

Google Pay Cricket Game

4. For bank transfer, click on the new payment on the home page and select Bank Transfer. All you need is the recipient’s bank account number

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5. After the bank transfer, you will receive a scratch card in the Rewards section. Then, swipe your card to reveal your payment

1. If you are a new user and not registered for Google Pay, then download Google Pay Tez app from here. Download GOOGLE PAY THESIS

2. Register, create your Goole Pay UPI ID and send Rs.1 to any Google Pay user to get Rs.51 in your bank account instantly.

3. Open the Google Pay app. On the home page, scroll down the page and you will find the On-Air offer in the Promotions section. If you can’t get the On-Air offer, update the Google Pay app.

Play Google Pay Tez Shots Cricket Game

4. Now open Youtube and search for Wild With Bear Grylls and Superstar Rajinikanth. Then play a video

5. Open On-Air and allow Google Pay to access your microphone to listen to the announcement. Bring your phone closer to the speaker and stay on the On-Air page for at least 20 seconds for the Google Pay app to receive a direct match.

6. If the program finds a good match, you will receive a spinning card. If the voice cannot be recognized by the Google Pay app, try again in a noisy mode or increase the notification volume.

Google Pay Cricket Game

9. Done! When Google finds the volume of the offer, you will receive a discount ticket for 50-100% of your annual Discovery Plus subscription.

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10. Some users get other offers like order tickets up to Rs.10-100. It’s worth listening to a Google Pay ad. Therefore, the distribution is different from each number. So check your account for offers on how to redeem your credit card with the Google Pay On-Air offer

2. Now proceed to the prizes where you will find 1 scratch card. Claim your card now and get 50-100% off your Discovery Plus Annual Voucher

3. Then download Discovery plus app from Google Play Store. Apply code now, get a free annual subscription if you win 100% reward. Google Pay is a popular and widely used UPI payment platform. The service hit the headlines because you can win scratch cards with the Tez Shots game. It is a cricket game on Google Pay and you have to score runs to win coupons up to Rs. 3, 300. That means you have to reach a milestone to get scratch coupons.

With Tez Shots

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