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By extorting money from employers, faking their kidnapping for ransom, stealing and even committing suicide, online gamblers can push themselves away. Although gambling for money has been a “pass time” in India for many years – indoors or outside on lawns and street corners where men gather to pay young people with rummy – the epidemic, like anything else, has brought the game online. Add to that the availability of cheap data, the increase in digital marketing, the high penetration of mobile phones, and the rapid increase in the supply and quality of games, and you have a powerful mix in front of you.

Win Many Money Online Casino India

Win Many Money Online Casino India

A psychologist from Delhi, Dr. Pankaj Kumar, says there has been a 15-20% increase in people seeking drug addiction treatment after the lockdown. For many people, it starts as a hobby that grows into a habit. Gamblers are lured into the false belief that they can quit at any time.

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This is what happened to 17-year-old Ashwini * who started playing a certain game in order to use the points of the prize. He received other gifts that stimulated his interest. What started out as fun and games quickly became routine. He moved from casual games to gambling, borrowing from friends and stealing valuables from the house, even gaining access to his father’s bank account.

He withdrew small amounts during the year, amounting to more than Rs 2 lakh. When his father argued with him, he refused. The man believed her denial and went to the police station. This is when the boy admitted that he was addicted. The parents paid the bills and believed his promise not to play again. But the boy started again soon and started demanding money from his parents. When his father refused, he became aggressive and beat him.

“That’s when the father realized that his son could kill him even if he was angry,” says Dr Kumar. The boy was brought to the doctor for treatment earlier this year and is currently undergoing treatment.

Gambling releases dopamine which makes it addictive. Dr Manoj Sharma, a professor at NIMHANS Bengaluru’s SHUT (Service for Healthy Use of Technology) clinic that fights technology addiction, says people are too tired and needy to go online during the pandemic.

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“Players start with casual games, then they go to money games, and then they go higher. While every win brings a bonus, every loss leaves the player with feelings of guilt, sadness, and the hope that they can make up for the losses by playing more. When they realize that they cannot afford the losses, they develop feelings of guilt, hopelessness and failure which can lead them to take drastic action. “

These risks are greater for children. Some websites do not have know-your-customer (KYC) or other age verification checks. This allows children to easily access the site, exposes them to inappropriate content and entices them to engage in illegal activities, said a study on online games and technology policy by the ESYA Center. It also states that “Gambling is associated with economic problems and reduced economic and financial planning, higher rates of future unemployment and disability, and worse, increased mortality.” “

A textile merchant in Delhi started gambling during the shutdown. “Eventually, he started trading and selling shares at a low profit just to fuel his gambling habit,” says Dr Kumar. In two years, his business collapsed, he was in debt, and his children were taken out of private school and sent to public school. The couple eventually sought medical help, although the dealer refused. “It took three months, and with a combination of medication, psychotherapy, counseling sessions, his condition improved,” adds Dr Kumar.

Win Many Money Online Casino India

Although betting and gambling are illegal in all of India (except in some states such as Sikkim and Nagaland) under the 1867 Public Gambling Act, the colonial-era law leaves some room for legalization of professional games. Subsequent case law recognized rummy, chess and poker as games of skill rather than chance. But concerns about gambling addiction have prompted the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu to enact anti-gambling laws. However, some of these restrictions have been successfully challenged and modified by the courts recognizing that games such as rummy and poker are skill-based and legal. The governments of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have appealed to the SC where the case is pending. Instead, the Governor of Tamil Nadu on Friday issued an order banning online gambling.

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The home gaming industry argues that there is no uniformity in the laws that vary from state to state. They also point out that while Indian companies are subject to tax laws and a Bengaluru-based online gambling company is accused of making the biggest show in history – of Rs 21,000 crore – companies registered outside the country are not affected by the law. frame.

Meanwhile, the advertisements of such sites continue to be criticized. For example, in December 2020, foreign betting ads were shown during a cricket match between India and Australia. Many use cricket and Bollywood stars for endorsements. The self-governing body E-Gaming Federation (EGF) has called for a central law that would protect the interests of players and the industry.

“We understand that the game is a serious matter and players can go through it, but bans are not the answer. We are looking for soft rules that will help to increase the legal trade and protect the interests of the players,” said Sameer Barde, CEO. The EGF. The organization has already established rules of conduct for its members that include age, time limits and money spent by players as well as the KYC process, so that minors do not play for money. about this section.

Technology and sports attorney Jay Sayta says all sports should be regulated. “All games – whether of skill or chance – must be regulated and taxed to ensure compliance, otherwise the industry will continue to be underground and illegal.”

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Byju’s 3, 500 Vedantu 1, Cars24 600 Udan 58 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 110 110 110 money. But is it true? Is casino money really all that interesting – or is it just a matter of glitz and glamor masking value?

Win Many Money Online Casino India

Read on to learn more about Las Vegas fees, and find out how many casinos there are per day.

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A casino’s daily profit depends on a variety of factors – it’s a business like any other and some are well run and some are not. Casinos die from time to time!

However, by looking at the financial reports of the major casino groups, we can get an idea of ​​the profits that famous casinos make every day. One of these reports includes how much money the average casino visitor will spend at the casino.

Another thing is the Corona virus. This hurt traditional casinos, but it didn’t affect online casinos in the same way. We will look at the 2019 income so that the figures are not distorted by this event.

The Flutter Group is the largest online casino group in the world. Its brands include PokerStars, PaddyPower and Betfair, among others.

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Most of its income comes from sports betting: in 2019 it earned $2.14 billion ($2.95 billion), of which 77% came from sports and the remaining 23% from casino games. Its profit before tax was $ 136 million ($ 187 million), a margin of 6%. By changing what they offer, online casinos make a steady profit.

This means that Flutter made a profit of $370,000 per day in 2019 or about half a million. Of course, it’s spread across various sites – but it’s still pretty interesting considering it’s from gambling.

888 is another great online gambling company, but they are more interested in casino games than sports betting. In 2019, they had revenue of $530 million, of which $441m was in online casino games and $90m in sports betting. Their annual profit for 2019 was $45.3 million – a daily profit of $0.12 million.

Win Many Money Online Casino India

, which also has eight other casinos in Las Vegas, as well as many more in the US and China.

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