Most Important Current Affairs 02 November 2021 | Pdf Download In English

 Most Important Current Affairs 02 November 2021 | Pdf Download In English

today current affairs 02 november 2021
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02 November 2021 Current Affairs in English : 02 November 2021 Current Affairs, 02 November 2021 Current Affairs Quiz, 02 November 2021 Current Affairs Quiz with reference to Rajasthan, India, Pdf Download | Current Affairs is very important for the examinations to be held in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and all other states of India.

Why Important Daily Current Affairs :- Friends, all of you would know that recently the Rajasthan Police SI exam was held, Rajasthan Police SI paper had questions between 20-30 of Current Affairs, so that we can come in the upcoming competitive examinations. You can guess the questions, how helpfully Current Affairs is for the upcoming competitive exams.

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November 2021 Current Affairs Raj Results education fact


Q.1 prestigious EzhuthachanPuraskaram 2021 Who has been selected for the?

A. Ramu Kariyat

B. Hrishikesh Mukherjee

C. Vayalar Ramavarma

D. P. Valsala

Correct Answer P. Valsala Is.

Key Points

  • Famous Malayalam novelist and short story writer P. Valsala to reputed A.Juthchan (PuraskaramEzhuthachan Puraskaram)2021 has been selected for.

  • He was awarded for his valuable contribution to Malayalam language and literature Is.

  • in this respect 5,00,000 cash prize and a citation are given.

  • Name of the highest literary honor of the Government of Kerala Thunchathu Ramanujan Ejuthachan named after.


Q.2 What is October 2021 the grosscollected in the month of GST revenue(in crores) Has it been over?

A. 1.3 Lakh

B. 1.5 Lakh

C. 1.7 Lakh

D. 1.9 Lakh

Correct Answer 1.3 lakh crore Is.

Key Points

  • October 2021 Grosscollected in the month ofis GST Revenue 1.3 Rslakh crore exceeded.

  • for October is the GST revenueGST second highest since the introduction of(first April 2021 was in, which relates to year-end revenue).

  • October 2021 Revenue for the month of October 2020 in GST isthan revenue 24% more.



Q.3 Nvanbr  In2021 whichof Barclays with immediate CEO replaces Jess Steli aseffect?

A. C. S. VenkatakrishnanK.

B. SanjayJha

C. Rakesh Kapoor

D. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Correct Answer C. S.  Venkatakrishnan Is.

Key Points

  • c. S. Venkatakrishnan with immediate effect Barclays CEO Jess Staley asof will take its place.

  • He is the Head of Global Markets, Barclays Bank PLC (BBPLC). and co-chair of Group Executive Committee of Barclays based in New York was a member of.

  • He is the executive sponsor of Embrace, the global multi-cultural network at Barclays.

  • 2016 Before joining Barclays in, he 1994 since JP Morgan Chase had worked in



Q.4 Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Which bank has been authorized by theas its agency bank to conduct government business?

A. Bandhan Bank

B. Axis Bank

C. IndusInd Bank

D. IDBI Bank

Correct Answer Bandhan Bank Is.

Key Points

  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) private lender Bandhan Bank has been authorized as its agency bank for carrying on Government business.

  • RBI an agency authorized to bond bank (which official business as theBank), state taxes and revenue receipts as Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Value Added Tax (VAT) Will be able to handle transactions related to the collection of


Q.5 Nvanbr  In2021 Who the beginning of the dairy co-operative plan in Anand,Gujarat, Towhich aims to double the income of farmers and independent make india is it?

A. Narendra Modi

B. Nitin Gadkari

C. Uddhav Thackeray

D. Amit Shah

Correct Answer Amit Shah Is.

Key Points

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah  1 November 202l On Dairy Cooperation Scheme in Anand, Gujarat beintroduced, Toaimed at doubling the income of farmers and independent make india Is.

  • They of Amul at Anand 75thFoundation Day also addressed.

  • They Science City Box from Gota flyover in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat He 4.18 also inaugurated akm long elevated corridor. 


Q.6 Which of the following companyOctober 2021? in terms of market cap in Apple To left behind and Becomes the world’s most valuable publicly traded company?

A. Wipro

B. Samsung

C. Microsoft

D. Google

Correct Answer Microsoft Is.

Key Points

  • Microsoft October 2021 in terms of market cap in Apple To left behind and Became the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.

  • Microsoft’s market cap close 2.49 trillion dollars Was, while Apple’s market capitalizationabout 2.46 was$trillion.

  • Apple $1 trillion and $2 trillion market cap was the first company to reach

  • 2020 Saudi Aramco in It had become the world’s most valuable company, leaving behind


Q.7 With which of the following the Government of India and the GovernmentOctober 2021 of Meghalayafor Meghalaya in $40 have signed amillion health project?

A. World Bank




Correct Answer world Bank Is.

Key Points

  • Government ofIndia, Government of Meghalaya and the World Bank October 2021 In for Meghalaya $40 million health project Put signature on.

  • The project will improve the quality of health services and strengthen the capacity of the state to deal with future health emergencies.

  • Meghalaya Health System Strengthening Project, It will enhance the management and governance capabilities of the state.


Q.8 Inlakes OctoberKashmir got 2021 , in which of the followingits first Got an open-air floating theater?

A. Wular Lake

B. Dal Lake

C. Manasbal LakeAchar

D. Lake

Correct Answer Dal Lake Is.

Key Points

  • Kashmir famous to Dal Lake in my first Found an open-air floating theater.

  • to the theater Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta launched in October 2021 .

  • The Bollywood moviescreened at the theatre, to tourists and residents of the area Kashmir Ki Kali‘ was .

  • from the theater Jammu and Kashmir Tourism will benefit.

  • The concept of open-air is very unique, and it is not like anywhere else in the world.


Q.9 October  In2021, Indo-Tibetan Border Police(ITBP) Kitnen the Which personnel were awarded the Union Home Minister’s Special Campaign Medal?

A. 180

B. 220

C. 260

D. 300

Correct Answer 260 Is.

Key Points

  • 31 Aktubr 202l The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) of 260 personnel To Union Home Minister’s Special Campaign Medal has been awarded.

  • Chinese Army in Eastern Ladakh He was awarded for his exceptional service during the ongoing military standoff with

  • This In the country, the police force At a time Highest number of awards to be given.


Q.10 Aktubr 2021, InFICCI is Who appointed the newdirector?

A. Abhinav Kumar

B. Om Prakash Gupta

C. Hitesh Rawal

D. Arun Chawla

Correct Answer Arun Chawla Is.

Key Points

  • FICCI The Arun Chawla as new Director General has been appointed.

  • He will take charge with immediate effect.

  • He 2011 in FICCI joined and currently Deputy Secretary General of the Chamber Huh.

Q.11 October  2021, Inthe National Commission for Women launched a program called the empowerment of women through “legal awareness of what the city with the National Legal ServicesAuthority”?

A. Varanasi

B. Chennai

C. Kolkata

D. New Delhi

Correct Answer Varanasi Is.

Key Points

  • National Commission for Women (NCW) has National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) With this,30 October 2021 a pan-India legal awareness program was launched on.

  • Empowerment of Women through Legal Awareness” program Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh was started in.

  • This female related Diverse Provide practical knowledge about the legal rights and remedies provided under the laws.


Q.12 31, October  On the occasion of the second foundation day of Ladakh on2021, Lt. RK MathurWho Ladakh dPal rNgam providedDstonaward?

A. Stagsan Raspa

B. Nawang Jamyang Chamba Stanjin

C. None of the above

D. My Lama Lodre Gyasto

Correct Answer Nawang Jamyang Chamba Stanjin Is.

Key Points

  • Ladakh has 31 October 2021 Second Foundation Day on celebrated.

  • leh ne Ladakh dPal rNgam Duston Celebrated Foundation Day with

  • To celebrate the glory of Leh-Ladakh, Ladakhin Leh for the last six years dPal rNgam Dustan is being celebrated.

  • Lieutenant Governor RK Mathur has Nawang Jamyang Chamba Stanjin To Ladakh dPal rNgam Duston Award.


Q.13 Madhya Pradesh has its foundation day What day does it celebrate?

A. 31st October

B. 1st November

C. 2nd November

D. 3rd November

 right answer 1 November Is.

Key Points

  • 1 November To Madhya Pradesh, Foundation Days ofKarnataka and Haryana celebrated as.

  • Madhya Pradesh Formation of 1956 happened in.

  • Earlier, Bhopal, which is currently Madhya Pradesh Thecapital, was a separate state.

  • On1956 , the 1 Novembergovernment formed Karnataka.

  • itearlier, Butwas saidMysore 1973 Its name was changed toin Karnataka.

  • Formation of Haryana 1966 happened in.

  • This Punjab separated from had gone.


Q.14  1st The foundation day of Kerala is celebrated onNovember. In which year was Kerala established?

A. 1952

B. 1954

C. 1956

D. 1958

Correct Answer 1956 Is.

Key Points

  • 1st Kerala and Chhattisgarh onNovember state foundation day celebrated as.

  • Kerala, its foundation day kerala piravi day as it celebrates.

  • its formation 1 November 1956 It happened long after the independence of the country.

  • Chhattisgarh Apna Foundation Day Chhattisgarh RajyotsavaCelebrates as.

  • separating it from Madhya Pradesh was created and 2000 It was declared an independent state by the government in



Q. The15 October, 2021 in, G20 summit, which was heldhas adopted the Rome Declaration. Who among the followingof India G20 was theSherpa?

A. Nitin Gadkari

B. Piyush Goyal

C. Narendra Modi

D. Hardeep Singh Puri

Correct Answer Piyush Goyal Is.

Key Points

  • 31 October 2021 concluded on G20 Summit has Rome Declaration adopted.

  • member countries have Mutualrecognition, vaccine to hurry to approve WHO ‘s assistance to do andDecember 2021 debt payments for developing countries by agreed to suspend

  • central minister Piyush Goyal India’s G20 Sherpa Were.


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